Sources of money for the city budget

One of the things you always here when asking about roads, sidewalks, and alleys is there isn't enough money to do the projects. I find this hard to believe considering there are grants and loans to cover those types of projects. Granted it takes time and effort to put those kind of projects in place.

There are two loans that could be paid off if the council would decide to. They are the sewer loan and gas loans. These are user based funding sources. The money raised from these two accounts could be used to support other parts of the city budget if they were payed off. The city has to have a larger reserve fund to support the loans that are in place. The rates could be raised on these two accounts and used in other areas of the city budget. As long as the loans are in place the city has to comply with the loan conditions until the loans are paid off. It doesn't make sense to not pay those loans off to get control of the revenue they generate. You would do that if you had your own business. Why is the council stuck in the mud on this one. Wake up and smell the roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!