The impotance of Zoning in the City of Lorimor!

I think it is a shame in a city that has already had Comprehensive Plan done can't find enough people to fill the Zoning Board  (5 board members) and Board of Adustments  (5 members). A lot of the problems we have in this community  could be solved easily if those boards were filled and operating. The Zoning Plan is the most important thing a City can put in place. In some instances these boards have more authority than the City Council or Mayor. They direct the planning for the future development and processes needed to make those goals set by the Zoning board to be accomplished and to be put in place. I am pointing out some problems below that would effect any community big or small and that will determine how a community will grow or fail if those issues aren't corrected.

  1. Animal Control
  2. Junk Cars in residential areas
  3. Farm Equipment un attended in commecial or residential areas (out of site-out of mind)
  4. Abandoned Property with stuctures in place
  5. Businesses in residential areas
  6. Types of Businesses in a business district and conditions for putting those businesses there
  7. Commercial vs Industrial districts or areas
  8. What type of structures that can be put in the different areas or districts plotted
  9. Getting the Council to get a building inspector put in place for all constuction done within the city limits
  10. etc.

These are just a few requirments Zoning Boards are responsible for.

Hope you will volunteer to be on either one of these boards. Lets get this City going again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Planning and zoning

Planning and zoning is exactly what Lorimor needs.  A realistic city development plan will help us receive grants for community improvement projects.   The longer we wait to get on board with this, the further Lorimor will fall behind other cities in the area AND not receive grant money.